My Master Key Experience

March 26, 2016
by Peder

Week 24: Ashes to Beauty


This past week I was at an event that moved me.  The speaker referenced Isaiah 61:3 with reference to an historical building that was burnt down, 5 years previous.  Now it has been raised to a greater good, a greater beauty.  All the Historical burnt ash and significance is now the back drop for an incredible event and restoration that has infinite or eternal ramifications much like our coming Easter celebration!

Like the miracle of the resurrection, where pain matter or ashes disappear,  where some may ask or not understand the magnitude of this climaxing event,  I too shall be mystical about my own story. However, I must give credit where credit is due.   MKMMA has greatly assisted and helped form me to go from ashes to beauty, that also has infinite and eternal ramifications.

When I began MKMMA I simple trusted a very dear family member.   In July she had given me some insight and a visual process that I thought was not something I could do very well, if at all.  I was looking for a miracle and I needed to do my part. When MKMMA & I started our journey in September, I recognized and felt (pondering from my heart) my path was being directed from above.   Prior to MKMMA I was encountering opposition, that had similar results from past experiences.  Those results were not pleasant, and were opposite to those that I desired.   At the time, I was not fully aware of the facts and depth of this opposition when my MKMMA journey started.  I had hopes for a little miracle, a returning to my heartfelt direction.

From the beginning especially the initial Press Release, I was inspired to write from my heart, I did not realize that I was writing the story that would become impactfully implemented, somewhat unbeknownst to me.  However, I wrote the story and from my perspective the story was of hope and greatness.  But the very beginning of the MKMMA relationship was the date another once beautiful relationship that was burnt to the ground.  All I saw were embers and smoke, way the burning took place.

However, MKMMA was upbeat, positive and took much much time.  It was too positive to murmur.  The education process was the manna needed to edify, to learn, to create habits, to enhance my character and to comprehend all things a little better plus have the healing balm of my Savior spread from within.   The Savior’s light was clear, including His godly direction to my ears. Future vistas are all great!  Much love and understanding are in the rear view mirror’s direction, but also faced each night in a mirror of gladness and reflection.  The peptide web that was spun, had begun to flow and ebb.  In gratitude I share that the picture foreseen is under eagles wings with a “Buffalo Bonnie Beauty”  that uses the ashes before it all crashes.

A Hero’s Journey begins!  Gracias MKMMA!  Thank you Lord!BBB Butterfly

March 20, 2016
by Peder

Week 23: Technology

Blogging from my cell phone.  Opposition is now being dealt with positively.  My computer crashes.  “Subby” keeps on “Plugin” away.

Here we are on my latest business trip where doing elitist trials become activities for trails, like this blog being created from my phone, would have been no way.  Before not ever an attempt. It’s being done!

So when opposition comes my way, I love it. Resistance is the force that propels me to greatness! Hence, 21 days of positive mental diet, no problemo! I love it!

Elevator world sail 1999Commencement begins now.

I love windsurfing, hence I love wind.  When it becomes to fierce I love my dependency with Father in Heaven.  It’s His universe that is telling me, I can do it!  He gives me self edification, the scriptures and “MKMMAs” of the world and universe that I can create the environment that will deal with the fierce fierce wind so that ones vision becomes a building to protect and provide intellectual properties to enhance your happiness properties and visions.



March 11, 2016
by Peder

Week 21: Handmaiden to Greatness

20140826_164653Interesting scenario here, “Handmaiden to Greatness” as this brought back very fond and great vivid memories!

On July 4th 2014 I went to a dear dear friends house who I have since adopted as my big sister (“Sis”) as I come from a house of 4 boys.

I entered “Sis”s place and she says “what’s happening” and I blerted out “I am looking for a handmaiden”.  I had never used the term handmaiden before nor I have I since except now only with reverent tones.   Handmaiden in todays society is generally not fasionable for women to hear.  However scriptures including the mother of our Savior, Mary, was called a handmaiden.  I will let that stand as the example and definition of a handmaiden.

Soon afterwards,  I met a handmaiden that “Sis” set me up with and she soon became my Bonnie bride. Since then in our relationship, I have a couple of poses which you will soon see, that are most vivid in my mind.  However when Mark told of the scared little boy exibiting greatness, the courage he exibited in the batters box despite his great fear and anxiety, I quickly envisioned my precious Bonnie in a very very vulnerable, scared, frightened position but this pose represented a nobility, greatness of a precious little girl.  When Mark recognized the courage of the lad, I immediately saw and recognized the virtue of this precious, courageous, humble spirit.  In its grandour and splendor that it represents because she was totally vulnerable, sweetly exposed, raw, innocent, just and sirenely beautiful.  I am blessed to have this vision. I am grateful that Mark brought this to my attention of being alert to this type of picture or exposure.  I thought it was great but I could not express it with greatness until now!  This is the truth and it is awesome to be free to recognize it.  Muchas Gracias!  Wopela!

I love my precious Bonnie!

Bonnies Hug

March 11, 2016
by Peder

Week 20A: Drifting the Night Away

Well well the last segment of week 20 spoke about “Drift Not”  but I drifted so to add to my week 20 segment I thought Twistin The Night Away should be sung “Drifting the Night Away”

So would you join me in singing “Drifting the Night Away”, so we can pleasantly use the tool of opposition to spring us forward and move on quickly … just twisting it away!

Now that we have got it out of our, or at least my system, let’s go over the fundamentals again before we go onto Week 21.

Let’s keep on working the fundamentals and get back to Twisting in lieu of Drifting.

1st STEP:  Twist it with those combinations.  Recording your voice to twisting the night away with singing  duet mutually practiced and sung with your alliances to create harmony in voice and twist.

2nd STEP: Twist it with Franklin, picking your colors and arrange them slightly differntly to see if you notice the difference.  Sing it your virtue outloud twisting even louder.

3rd STEP: Twist it by printing the shapes vertically and align them around to different sights.

4th STEP: Twist it up and use those 3×5 cards with 4 new pairs of cards twistin and singin all the whilie!

  • What would the person I intend to become do next  – Twist it?
  • What am I pretending not to know – The Twist?
  • The one sentence you read for 50 minutes – Twist it x 50
  • Leave 2 blank and observe subby go to work – Twisting it of cource!
  • Keep Twisting those cards!

OK now that we have stopped the drifting!  Let’s listen to a “Drifter’s tune”  so you will save your last dance to be with me …..  subby